Exposiciones / XXVIII. Linda Lippa: Shoots

XXVIII. Linda Lippa: Shoots
11 de Noviembre 2005


The Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure has always been interested in bringing together the community of Acarigua with artists to share the experience of creation, for the fallowing reasons:

First, man’s deepest creativity can be expressed through art and great art is universally understood.

Second, art widens our vision of the world, and third contact between the community and the artist broadens the perceptions of both.

It is with this idea in mind that MAAA put efforts to bring to Acarigua the work of North American artist Linda Lippa.

Lippa’s, which is aimed at capturing an essence of the people she paints, her understanding of her subjects is instinctive.  She has no time to ponder them, yet her powerful portraits suggest she has known them their entire lives. Lippa combines the photographic sight with the infinite possibilities of painting, giving her work a certain familiarity to the viewer along with a freshness given by her reinterpretation of the subject and use of color.